Josh Scheinert is a writer from Toronto, Canada. While Toronto has always been home, Josh has spent time living in India, Gambia, England, Israel, Hong Kong, Washington D.C., and Montreal. Besides good stories, Josh is always on the lookout for a quality bakery. He prefers riding in the back of a pick-up to being squished in a van. And he once unwittingly developed a friendship with military police in Sierra Leone.

His dispatches have explored an eclectic mix of issues, including:

  • Why can’t an elderly community of 90 Newfoundlanders get along on their little island?
  • Are there really Jewish converts in Uganda?
  • Why is Hitler popular in India?
  • How does the Canadian government regulate mining companies?
  • Is Israel’s use of administrative detention fair?
By placing readers in the eyes of a character or some place they never knew existed, fiction allows us to discover new perspectives, new ways of thinking and feeling. I wanted to give readers that opportunity. - Josh Scheinert