Neighbor vs. Neighbor on Little Bay Islands

A decaying Newfoundland community voted overwhelmingly to be relocated to the mainland. But thanks to ten mostly anonymous holdouts among them, they lost their best chance to leave.
Roads & Kingdoms

With America in the Dark Ages, Will Trudeau and Canada Promote Global LGBT Rights?

At the recent Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in London, LGBTQ rights was not on the agenda, even though the Commonwealth — a group of over 50 nations, most of which are former British colonies — contains 36 states that criminalize same-sex activity.

Bait and switch: Fisheries and the international slave trade

A man is lured abroad by the promise of a good job, only to find out he was lied to. In the 22 years of captivity that follow, he is beaten, chained and starved as he slaves to catch fish that then enter the global supply chain, winding up on grocery store shelves and dinner tables around the world.

Showdown over war crimes: MSF versus the United States

Why identifying a war crime might be easier than finding justice, especially when the U.S. is involved.

The President who broke the ICC’s back

Six years after the issuance of Omar al-Bashir’s arrest warrant, there doesn’t seem to be a Plan B

Why is Adolf Hitler popular in India?

Growing up in India, Rohee Dasgupta didn’t realize the irony on display in bookstores across the country. There, next to the Diary of Anne Frank or biographies of Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill, would be a copy of Adolf Hitler’s infamous polemic, Mein Kampf. It was only after spending numerous years in the United Kingdom studying anthropology and Eastern European Jewish history that she was taken aback.
The Jerusalem Post

Gambian president calls gays ungodly vermin: How America should respond.

Very few heads of state could get away with calling gay people ungodly vermin, but that’s what Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh just did. And he didn’t stop there.

Administrative detention: For the good of many?

Mahmoud Masalmeh was arrested on February 5, 2004. His detention has been renewed 22 times as he is still deemed too dangerous to release. All he and his lawyer know is that he is an alleged member of Hamas. The rest is classified. Still, Masalmeh, unlike detainees in Guantanamo Bay, does not exist in a legal black hole.
Jerusalem Post

Meet the Abuyadaya: A Shabbat with Uganda’s Jews

Uganda’s biggest tourist attraction is the endangered mountain gorilla found on its western border. But if you head east, on a five- hour bumpy bus ride from Kampala to a town called Mbale, you will find another reason to visit Uganda: the Abuyadaya.
Jerusalem Post

Starting Anew in Mali: A Nation Returns to Democracy

First there was the coup. Then there was the insurgency. After the insurgency came the French military intervention. The intervention provided some calm. And with that calm came a chance to start anew, a chance that has just begun, which I was lucky enough to see, in Mali.
Huffington Post